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The most comprehensive U.S. media monitoring service

BurrellesLuce is the U.S. leader in media monitoring. Professionals in a wide range of industries (like public relations, marketing, research and development, government, non-profits, Fortune 1000) rely on our comprehensive curated content from local and national print, online, broadcast, and social media sources. BurrellesLuce has a turnkey copyright compliance program that allows us to provide copyright-compliant, behind-the-paywall content not available to other news clipping services. BurrellesLuce combines grade-A content with easy-to-use PR software, allowing users to evaluate and analyze their media coverage and PR efforts. It’s all integrated into our user-friendly interface, BurrellesLuce MYNEWSDASH.

With our ever-growing source list and flexible media monitoring packages, BurrellesLuce’s media relations software works within a range of budgets. Leveraging our expansive production team, providing edited service, and our PR software and technology providing unedited services, we tailor subscriptions to each client’s specific objective and requirement.

Media monitoring service options include:

What We Monitor

Save valuable time and focus your efforts on analyzing progress and garnering more media coverage with our MYNEWSDASH interface.

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Broadcast Monitoring

BurrellesLuce offers comprehensive television and radio broadcast monitoring to manage your broadcast coverage.

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BurrellesLuce MYNEWSDASH

Manage your media relations, media monitoring, and reporting efforts with our comprehensive, easy-to-use PR software.

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Full Service Options

BurrellesLuce offers a full range of human-verified media monitoring, express print and express web news monitoring.

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Self Service Options

BurrellesLuce offers a hands-on, self-guided media monitoring service to go beyond the scope of your monitored content.

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Additional Support

BurrellesLuce offers additional media relations software and services to support your team’s public relations efforts.

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